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Your Courageous Life podcast

Jul 26, 2018

I'm sharing about my own "precipice moment," a time when I knew that it was now-or-never to make true change happen, and how that lead to stepping into more personal sovereignty. Spoiler alert? After sharing this story, I'll be sharing about my upcoming group coaching program, The Sovereign Experience (you can learn...

Jul 20, 2018

When you don't protect your energy, you end up feeling exhausted and depleted. Whether you're trying to get a project/big dream out into the world, heal conflict in a relationship, or convince people of the necessity of social change, it's vitally important to protect your energy. Visit 

Jul 16, 2018

There’s a story behind this podcast episode: a story that intertwines what we learned about friendships during our formative years, with caring what other people think. The two are connected, and in this podcast episode I share how I spent years carrying around emotional armor and buying into a good-bad binary...

Jul 1, 2018

We are not becoming more resilient and courageous just for ourselves. We're also doing it to create a better world. In this episode, I talk about how our fear gets us stuck and thinking that we can't act, speak up and out, or work for a cause--and what to do to get un-stuck. Visit