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Your Courageous Life podcast

Sep 21, 2018

Let's not play it cool, here: at some point, everyone struggles with how to love yourself. In this podcast episode, I'm talking about the tools and practices that I integrate into my own life, as well as the very human experience of figuring out how to love ourselves (truly and fully). 

You can get extra courageous...

Sep 11, 2018

Why is change so hard, so difficult, so challenging? In this podcast episode, I'm taking you to an unlikely place to start creating change. It's a place beyond go-go-go action and it gets into the heart of the matter: change that rises organically from who you are when you slow down and stop the hustle.


Head to...

Sep 4, 2018

Unhooking from illusion starts with a true willingness to unhook, in the first place--and that's why this podcast episode looks at those times when we *think* we're ready to unhook from an illusion, but we're actually just rehearsing our same old defenses against truly changing.


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