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Your Courageous Life podcast

Feb 25, 2019

Often, we know what we “should” do, but something holds us back--the need to have a process with what we experience. You’re allowed to have a process. You’re allowed to take a breath, hesitate, fully feel what you need to feel before you do what you “should.” Today’s podcast digs in to that.


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Feb 18, 2019

Do you have a hunger for more? Do you make yourself wrong for that--telling yourself not to “get ahead of yourself” or to “be realistic”? Let’s look at the paradox of how we can love our lives as they already are, yet also hunger for more, and expand our desires without the guilt trip.


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Feb 11, 2019

Our personal fears about being rejected or navigating conflict can sometimes have us hiding out, instead of deciding to really, truly, relate to one another. Listen in to this podcast episode for ways to move past those fears of conflict and start having the courage to truly relate.


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Feb 4, 2019

So often, fear of failure can keep us from even starting something in the first place. In this episode, I deconstruct fear of failure and ask you some challenging questions so that you can stop getting stuck in fear of failure and starting working through it if it arises.


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